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Welspring 康泉 is retail subsidiary of Health Gate International Co. Ltd. We are importer, distributor and retailer of American and European natural organic products.
Welspring 康泉 is an organic fair-trade health food store.  We carry quality foods and beverage, food supplements, personal care (facial, oral, body, female hygiene) and eco-friendly household cleaning supplies to support you and your family to live healthier and better.  Our products are natural, organic, gluten free, fair trade, vegetarian or raw.

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Apart from healthy shopping, our LOHAS room is the perfect place for you to relax and re-charge. We organize workshops from gluten-free diets to raw food and wine tasting, with the aim of enlightening you to lead a Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS). We are also a community, hosting social gatherings to connect with like-minded souls and meet new friends.

Our Logo        

Round logo

Green is our motherland, blue is our sky, and the splash means water and life; round shape means oneness and wholesome.

Store name:

Welspring means spring of wellness, a place to nourish life symbolized by a growing plant. 

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