Aller-Food Check – Foods (Immediate, IgE + Delayed, IgG) & Inhalants (Delayed, IgG) 食物 (即時 + 延遲), 吸入物質 (延遲)

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Understanding food allergy, testing principalTest Process, test itemssample report, testimonials, FAQs.

  • Delayed food reaction (96 foods)
  • Immediate allergic reaction (19 foods)
  • Delayed allergic reaction (48 inhalants)
  • Test IgE and IgG antibodies with a blood drawing
  • For delayed: food eaten within the past 3 months can be tested.
  • For Immediate: food eaten within the past 48 hours can be tested.
  • For Delayed: Choose 96 foods from either Asian, or Standard (Western) or Vegetarian food panel (i.e. choose 1 out of 3) for testing.  
  • Blood sample is drawn at one of our 11 designated service outlets, booking by appointment.
  • Specify your preferred location on your check-out page, under "Remarks" for our follow-up.
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BrandAller-Food Check
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