LMB - Fresh & Natural Primer Hydrating Tonic (25 x 0.8ml ampoule) 爽膚 淨化保濕水

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A complex of natural antioxidants, with strong refreshing, cleansing and moisturising properties suitable for all types of skin. The polyphenols of Green Tea extract have a strong antioxidant effect which benefits all types of skin, preventing dehydration of the epidermis and increasing elasticity. Hyaluronic acid prolongs the retention of moisture in the skin, while Rosewater provides gentle cleansing with its excellent antibacterial properties. Suitable for use as a primer before applying LMB Day Revitalising Serum or Night Moisturising Concentrate.

Active Ingredients

Green Tea, Bulgarian Rosewater, Hyaluronic Acid



Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Salt, Camellia Sinensis Extract (Green Tea Extr.), Benzyl Alcohol Natural



After cleansing, apply to the face and neck. Shake well, twist cap off ampoule and squeeze the full contents directly onto the skin. Each ampoule is designated for single application. If all contents are not used, replace the cap of the ampoule, refrigerate and use within five days of opening.



Full size pack - 25 x 0.8 ml ampoules

Discovery pack - 5 x 0.8 ml ampoules

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