LMB - Fresh & Pure Organic Bulgarian Rose Water (100ml) 新鮮、有機 保加利亞純玫瑰水

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Our pure organic Rose Water, freshly harvested in the world-famous Bulgarian Rose Valley, is produced by special steam-distillation technique from the petals of Rosa Damascena, capturing the unique benefits of this special rose. Its remarkable skincare, haircare and mood uplifting properties have been treasured since ancient times as the symbol of love, beauty and health.

No added colours • No artificial fragrances • No artificial preservatives • Vegan • No animal testing

Product Benefit

• Miracle natural stress relief - energy balance of body and mind

• Stimulates positive endorphins - instant mood uplifting

• Re-balances skin PH level - instant moisture infuser

• Rejuvenates and uplifts tired skin

• Regenerating and anti-ageing

• Cleansing and pore tightening

• Detoxifies and stimulates blood circulation


Active Ingredients

Organic Rosa Damascena Flower Water


Organic Rosa Damascena Flower Water


Feel the difference: spray on skin first thing in the morning, before bed or any time of the day for instant balance.       


For external use only. Store away from direct sunlight in a cool dry place preferably between 5 C and 24 C. This is a natural product, to prevent oxidation, once in use, will keep fresh for one month. If you are allergic to natural plant ingredients, test it on a small area of your skin first before using the product on a regular basis.  

Volume: 100ml  

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