LMB - Natural 2 Minute Anti-static Hair Mask (250ml) 兩分鐘防靜電淨化髮膜

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From the air we breathe to the objects we use on a daily basis, the world around us consists of a mixture of negative and positive charges, called ions. In particular, technology such as our phones, computers, and other machines accumulate excess levels of positive charge, also known as static electricity. This excess electricity is transferred to our own bodies through friction, creating an electrical imbalance that has an adverse effect on our circulation, damaging cells and accelerating premature ageing.

LMB's anti-static mask contains moisture-activated fuller's earth clay and pure lavender oil, natural minerals and extracts which absorb static in the hair and skin. This relaxes hair follicles and stimulates better blood circulation, encouraging healthy hair maintenance and preventing split ends. Our special mix of clay is rich in zinc, magnesium, and other natural microelements, promoting rapid new hair growth and making hair thick, healthy, and shiny.

Active Ingredients
Fuller's earth clay, Lavender oil

Shake well before each use. Wet hair with warm water and gently massage the mask into the hair and scalp. Leave for minimum two minutes and rinse well. Follow with LMB balancing conditioner. Use twice a week in the place of LMB's purifying shampoo or LMB's anti hair-loss shampoo for lasting results.

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