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Impact on Your Health

The newly renovated unit is full of harmful formaldehyde, which will threaten the employees inside the office and the pregnant women and infants inside the home. Therefore, measuring the concentration of formaldehyde in the air is very important. And also you can find out the source and use the 5Q formaldehyde elimination service immediately.

Immediate impacts such as throat irritation, headache, eye irritation, nose irritation, dizziness, fatigue.

Long term impacts such as weakened immunity, risk of miscarriage and birth defects, risk of blood cancer.

Formaldehyde Testing and Removal Service

Step 1

 Using the IAQ system to measure the concentration of formaldehyde and collect the data for analysis.

Step 2

Generating report and providing the treatment solutionresult as compared with WHO and EC standards).

Step 3

Use Greenkey Formaldehyde Treating Coating to remove indoor formaldehyde by spraying on the surface.

Step 4

After treatment, use the IAQ monitoring system to verify the concentration of formaldehyde again.

Service Suitable For

Home, shops, office, restaurants, schools, clinics, beauty & hair salon, hotels, clubhouses, cars

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1. e-Book appointment with Welspring

2. Confirm total space area for the service (based on square feet)

3. Receive quotation from Welspring

4. Confirm quotation and pay 50% deposit

5. Confirm the date to conduct the service

6. Pay 50% balance upon service completion

* In case of any dispute, Welspring reserves the right for final decision.

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