Air Halo - Portable Air Sanitizer (Model No. AH01) - Roseate 手提滅菌機

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Air Halo patented Plascide® technology

efficiently sanitises 99 % of airborne pathogens

Designed and made in Hong Kong


Versatile, Convenient, Unique

Palm-sized Thundercloud: Eliminate germs, VOCs and allergens with lightning speed

Personal bubble of clean air protection

Portable: Use in vehicles, on public transport, in a baby stroller or at your desks

No filters, no germ-full replacements and no hidden costs

USB chargeable

Paired Air Halos designed to fit standard cup holders installed in transportation hubs, private and public vehicles


Effective Against All 3 Types of Pathogens

Viruse , Bacteria, Fungi


How Does Air Halo’s Plascide Work?

Within the Plascide air sterilisation reactor, an intense ionised gas field is generated at room temperature to propel air particles into an energetic state. Inside the reactor, ionised electrons shatter biological pathogens and VOCs rendering air contaminants harmless. Plascide technology maintains long-term cleaning effects without the need for filters or emitting any types of ions, ozone or plasma into the air.


Plascide Advantages

Air Halo’s Plascide technology delivers superior efficiency to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi when compared to Ultra-Violet (UV) irradiation, Photo-Catalyst Oxidation (PCO) and ionisers. Plascide does not rely on filters which have zero-sterilisation and can release pathogens during replacement.


Effective Sterilisation

Plascide delivers adjustable sterilisation power with instantaneous defence against viruses, bacteria and fungi.


VOCs Neutralisation

Plascide technology within Air Halo reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from tobacco smoke, aerosol, paints, concrete materials, ceiling tiles and furniture.


Reduce Odour & Nasal Allergy

Air Halo is effective at diminishing the root cause of nasal allergy and odours by eliminating airborne organic chemicals and biological contaminants.


What is Plascide Technology?

Air Halo’s patented Plascide technology creates a micro-lightning plasma thundercloud to rapidly eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi such as H3N2 influenza, legionella, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, all other variant of pathogens and neutralises organic chemical compounds.


What is Plasma?

Plasma is the 4th state of matter

An electrically energised and ionised gaseous state consisting of positive ion and negative electrons


Validated & Verified

SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance)

Centre for Disease Control (PRC)

University of Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong


Large-scale Applications

Mass Transit Railwayong Kong and Mainland China Boundary Crossing

Lok Ma Chau Station

Lo Wu Station


Hong Kong International

Airport Control Tower






Alabaster / Roseate / Aqua


Silent / Normal / Boost


1 m3


325 g


3.5 W


83 mm (Top Width) x
63 mm (Bottom Width) x 183 mm (Height)


Li-ion 18650 (User Replaceable)
3200 mAh (5.5 Operating Hours)

Part Number 836528004752
BrandAir Halo
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